Zano Controls 150W LED Dimmer Module

Zano Controls

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Zano Controls 150W LED Dimmer Module

Zano is back with the ZMO150 – our best technology, at our lowest price.

We’ve built all of our latest LED dimming innovation into this 0-150W dimming module. With Zano smart settings, learn & adapt technology, easy-fit installation and even greater lamp compatibility ZMO150 delivers flicker-free & silent dimming on every 0-150W LED installation - and it's available at a great price. Just drop in to your local wholesaler on 9th October to find out more.

Tech advice: Installing smart settings

Low-end flicker, drop out, lamps out of sync with each other or failing to turn back on... these LED headaches have a big impact on user experience and result in unnecessary call outs. Yet there’s no need to put up with them. All of these common complaints can be fixed with Zano’s smart settings.

Simple to programme and designed not to revert to programming mode once installed, Zano Smart Settings enable you to set the minimum level, start level and boost level on every Zano dimmer, ensuring the ultimate user-experience with and flicker-free & silent dimming every time. 

  • Silent and flicker-free with unique smart settings
  • No limitations on lamp number, use the full 150W load
  • Offset module which fits onto any plate for a custom finish
  • 2-way switching
  • Next-generation technology
  • No 10 lamp limit
  • 0-150W/VA LED
  • Excellent performance for low level loads
  • Zano Smart Settings built-in

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