Click® Scolmore MiniGrid® MD9014 100W Dual Mode Dimmer Module with Trim Insert

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Click® Scolmore MiniGrid® MD9014 100W Dual Mode Dimmer Module with Trim Insert

This is the Scolmore MD9014 100W LED Leading or trailing edge dimmer module. 

 The problems of flickering and poor dimming range are well-documented issues for installers when it comes to LED dimmers. Now Scolmore has come up with an intelligent dimmer module that not only eliminates flickering, but is much easier to control than regular dimmers, and is essentially two dimmers in one – offering the installer maximum compatibility.  

With a choice of dimming modes – leading or trailing edge – installers can choose the mode that works most effectively with the LED lights they are using. The electronics inside some LED lamps have better compatibility with trailing edge and some are better in leading edge.  


 Easy to program with simple dip switches. 

  • Suitable for dimming on a conventional 2-way circuit. 
  • 100W dual mode dimmer with trim function. 
  • Small module size. 
  • Trim the brightness easily with DIP switch. 
  • Simply change between the leading and trailing edge with DIP switch. 
  • Easy to program and never loses your installation settings. 
  • Can be placed above/below each other on multi-tier plates. 
  • Will fit into 25mm back box when used on raised plates. 
  • Will fit into 35mm back box when used on flat plates. 
  • Interchangeable with the MD9022 and MD9042 in our dimmer plates. 
  • Thermal overload protection. 
  • If the module gets too hot it will cut out without damaging the internal electronics, allowing the module to cool down. This will not reset installation settings. 
  • Clicks new dimmer is much easier to program than regular dimmers because of the two small switches on the back of the module.  
  • This allows the dimmer to be programmed without removing from the plate. 


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